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I am producing an updated version of a film made several years ago of the original circuit around the county roads and through the village of Elkhart Lake. Some footage is done with some additional filming needed. Then editing. I have secured the voice over guy Paul Brian and his years of knowledge will add greatly to the project. Plus a top notch video crew. Plans are to have it on over the air television on the Carz and Trackz channel. I will keep you posted on a date it will be available. Also, the WeatherTech/Redman salute to AAR and the Gurney Eagles will be filmed with interviews of owners and others by Paul Brian. It also will be on the Carz and Trackz channel. Stay Tuned.

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Books we recommend.

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A charming little story on how we should learn to all be friends. To enjoy every day and look forward to meeting new people and appreciating their frendship. A nice little lesson for children and beautifully illustrated to be entertaining for young readers.  Something your child can keep. The book is a quality piece and can be passed on to future siblings or kept as a special memento. Hardcover $16.95 shipping $2.50 I will sign the book for you.

A perfect bed time story.

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A hard cover book of my photos from the Amazing 1960s. You can order now by using the Buy Now button below. I will sign the book for you. Thanks, ron@elkhartlakesracingmuseum.com

More that one

to view or purchase photos in the book you can contact me directly at ron@elkhartlakesracingmuseum.com

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This is a 2.5 foot by 6 foot vinyl banner is perfect for your garage. Easily can be framed the way you do a canvas painting. It comes with a list of entrants. Only $95.00 plus $7.50 for shipping. Allow a few days for delivery. If you live in the Milwaukee area I will be glad to deliver and sign the banner if you would like.
Photo by Ron Nelson
contact me - ron@prairiestreetart.com

These books are all available from the publisher or Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Please click on book to order. All are excellent. In particular Hobbo, the Meister Brausers and Walt Hansgen.
A Photo Pass to the Amazing 60s isn't bad either.


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The first book cover was apparently just a book on the history of Road America. The rest are a group of programs Rick Mooney sent me. His Uncle had attended Road America for years and thought
Elkhart Lakes Racing Museum would like them.
I can make prints of the programs below. They are the same size as the original program and are
$20.00 plus postage of $3.50
Let me know if you are interested. ron@elkhartlakesracingmuseum.com

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